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+ What Makes W4 Payroll Services unique?

With W4 Payroll Services, there is no need for complicated payroll systems or software programs. We make your payroll processing fast and simple, with online access at your fingertips. Your payroll will take just minutes each payday, and your business will always be in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations.

+ What can W4 Payroll Services do for my company?

Payroll processing is more than just issuing payroll checks; it is also a process that requires the maintenance of detailed records that must adhere to a number of state and federal laws. W4 Payroll Services will help you to schedule and keep track of tax and filing deadlines, and continually ensure that compliance regulations are up to date and in effect.W4 Payroll Services system will ensure that you can:

  • Track time and attendance
  • Enter employee timesheets
  • Enter accurate withholding, benefit and retirement deductions, etc.
  • Print the paychecks
  • Ensure all direct deposits
  • Complete and file all tax forms

+ Is W4 Payroll Services complicated?

No. W4 Payroll Services online software is simple and easy. We will work with you to set-up your payroll system in a simple, step-by-step process. We will help you to input your confidential employee information and payroll details for each employee such as; vacation and sick time, taxes and exemptions, deductions and contributions, direct deposit information and pay rates. After that, you can process your payroll quickly and easily, every time.

+ Do I need special software or equipment?

No additional software or equipment is necessary. Your internet connection and web service is all you need.

+ Is W4 Payroll Services online software secure and accurate?

Provided that the information is entered correctly, your payroll, taxes, reports and accruals will be perfect every time.

+ Do I have to give up control of my payroll processing?

No. You will always be in control. Payroll processing is done quickly and securely online, by your authorized staff.

+ Can you handle both direct deposit and hardcopy checks?

Yes. You have the option of offering your employees either direct deposit or a hardcopy check.

+ Will W4 Payroll Services handle my payroll taxes?

W4 Payroll Services will automatically calculate, deduct, pay and file all taxes including federal, state and local taxes. We will work with you to schedule payments in advance so you will never be subject to a late penalty. You will know exactly what will be deducted in advance.

+ What reports are available?

W4 Payroll Services has many standardized reports available at the click of a button. In addition, you can also customize your payroll reports to meet specific payroll, financial, departmental and employee needs.

+ Will W4 Payroll Services help me to track and accrue vacation, sick, and PTO?

Absolutely. You will enter the rate of accrual for vacation, sick and PTO. After that, the information will be updated and can be tracked instantly, providing you with up-to-date information when you need it most.

+ Will W4 Payroll Services online program work with QuickBooks?

Yes. We will provide you with detailed assistance on how to interface with QuickBooks.

+ How can W4 Payroll Services be so affordable?

By utilizing safe and secure software on the web, W4 Payroll Services will provide you with expert payroll processing right at your fingertips, reducing your payroll costs significantly. Always available to you by telephone or email, 4 Tax Services is always right by your side.

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